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Paul Kossoff: All Right Now: The Guitars, The Gear, The Music

 Affectionately known as ‘Koss’, Paul Kossoff’s playing touched people. It still does today, more than forty years after his sad and untimely death at the age of twenty-five. This authorised biography pays fitting tribute to a much-loved and widely admired musician whose influence and inspiration is still very evident. 

It’s all here: Kossoff’s musical childhood, his formative years with Black Cat Bones, forming Free at seventeen, that group’s dizzying success, breakup, reforming and dissolution, the solo years, Back Street Crawler – the sessions, the tours and big concerts, the triumphs, the tragedies and the heartbreak – J.P. James takes the reader right there. 

Over four distinct sections, Kossoff’s many guitars and the equipment he used to make them sing are fully documented; a brand-new detailed analysis of Kossoff’s distinctive playing style and technique is presented for the first time; a broad overview of Kossoff’s creative life draws on the voices of family, friends and fellow musicians; and finally, Kossoff’s musical influences, approach to playing and his wider musical interests, hopes and dreams are explored – all drawn from his own words. 

Cramming so much into his short years, Paul Kossoff left a rich musical legacy, and he is indeed All Right Now. Thoroughly researched and sensitively written, given often in Kossoff’s own words and packed with anecdotes from those who were there, musicians and fans alike will enjoy this authoritative and comprehensive biography. 

Paul Kossoff: All Right Now – The Guitars, The Gear, The Music is a fascinating, remarkably researched and comprehensive tribute to my brother Paul’s talent and memory.” – Simon Kossoff

Paul Kossoff isn't exactly a household name, but he's a real legend among guitar freaks.
 Best known as the guitarist from the band Free, Kossoff died tragically young at age 25
. In his short time with us, though, Kossoff gave us some amazing music and today Joe and Matt select five of his best tracks.
 You'll hear about his blooming tone, the stripped-down gear and the vibrato that had Eric Clapton asking for lessons!

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 In 1975, former "Free" guitarist Paul Kossoff's

heart stopped beating for 35 minutes in a London hospital as a result of a blood clot.

Kossoff survived that episode but died in his sleep the following March.

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Free guitarist Paul Kossoff, who sadly passed away in 1976 at age 25, would have turned 62 on Sept. 14.

Despite his brief time with us, Kossoff’s influence is still felt strongly in the rock world. He recently earned the No. 51 spot on Rolling Stone’s ’100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time’ list. Kossoff and drummer Simon Kirke formed Free in 1968, touring for two years while recording the albums ‘Tons of Sobs’ and ‘Free.’

It wasn’t until 1970 that the band got that their first taste of fame with the release of ‘Fire and Water,’ which carried the immortal hit ‘All Right Now.’


Gibson Custom Shop Paul Kossoff 1959 Les Paul Prototype

NAMM 2012  Paul Kossoff made a huge impression on generations of future guitarists with his playing in the band Free in the ’70s.  Tragically, his life was cut short at just 25, but not before he had turned the heads of legends such as Clapton and Peter Green.  His main axe was a gorgeous sunburst 1959 Les Paul Standard, and now Gibson is paying tribute to his contribution with the Paul Kossoff 1959 Les Paul.  Only 100 of this limited edition guitar will be produced as aged replicas, and 250 VOS versions.  We got our hands on the prototype at the 2012 NAMM Show, and it is a truly beautiful replica, featuring the hand aged “green lemon” finish.  Both the aged and VOS versions will be available at The Music Zoo in 2012.



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Russell Hall, Correspondent

Guitar Legend Paul Kossoff

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“[Paul] Kossoff was a real soulful player,” says Paul Rodgers. “Once, when I was visiting him at his house,

 he played me a bunch of Spanish music, mostly finger-picking. It was fantastic. Behind all that blues talent was a classically-trained guitar player.”





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Kossoff's lost recording

album cover





"All One" features Paul Kossoff in one of his 'lost but found' recordings. This song is a must have for all Free Fans. Paul Kossoff provides all the thrills and licks we'd expect. It's release is very welcome as another piece in the jigsaw of what was happening during the lost period of broken bands and uncompleted albums. ANY new Kossoff is always welcome.

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